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Microsoft.NET technology represents a very significant shift in technology paradigms, allowing developers to build reusable and highly scalable functionality that is available across a network or the Internet regardless of platform.

Pinak software solutions and services around Microsoft technologies includes design frameworks, enterprise solutions architecture (Web and Windows based), Windows communications framework, web services solutions, web portal sites, enterprise reporting, workflow engines, collaboration portals, office integration solutions, database applications, cloud based applications, platform migration, mobile applications, migration and modernization of existing applications, product enhancement and maintenance, product reengineering and such other Microsoft solutions.

Our .Net development services and skill sets include:

   Scalable Application development
   Application Stability
   Secure Application development
   Faster processes of development & usability
   Faster execution of your business initiatives
   Better performance & better connectivity
   Easy integration to any third party solution
   Guaranty of reliable and superior functionality
   Framework - .NET 4.0: Cloud, .NET 3.5: Silverlight, .NET 3.0: WPF, WCF
   Language - C#, VB.NET, VC++, Cloud, Microsoft Azure
   Databases - MS SQL: SSAS, SSRS, SSIS and Notification Service
   Configuration Management - NAnt, MSBuild, TFS, NUnit, cruisecontrol, Custom, SharePoint, DotNetNuke , BizTalk Server, Exchange Server, Office (VSTO)
   Architecture - Service Oriented, WFC , MVC2

Benefits of development in Microsoft technologies

   High speed of development
   Availability of cross-platform migration
   Increased productivity
   Access to the opportunities of .NET Framework Library
   Relatively short learning curve for developers
   Easy configurations of applications and security.
   Reduced costs and increased efficiency